edwarnockEd Warnock
joined Family Business Advisers in 2007. He is a specialist in designing and managing strategic change. His strategic plans are unique in that they include the specific actions and performance targets at the operational level needed to produce superior strategic results. He has been consulted by IT organizations, manufacturing firms, financial institutions, insurance companies and governments across the United States and the globe.

He currently teaches “strategy” for the Oregon Executive MBA and Willamette University. He is a multi-time recipient of the “teaching excellence” award from OEMBA.

Ed has a BS in Aerospace Engineering and a master’s degree in Whole-systems Design. He has worked as an EVP of an oil field services company in Texas, been the director of an international development project in Sudan, Africa and served on numerous boards of directors.

He is presently CEO of the Perlan Project. The Perlan Project is an Oregon corporation designing and building a high altitude research glider to study ozone depletion and impacts on the planet’s weather caused by the “polar vortex” that circles the earth’s poles during the polar night. The glider is designed to reach 90,000 feet and set a new world altitude record now held by the SR-71.

He is particularly interested in bringing his skills to bear in family businesses by helping them build strategic plans that will to achieve a long-term competitive advantage and sustainable operational excellence.

He currently teaches “strategy execution” for the Oregon Executive MBA where he is a multi-time recipient of their “teaching excellence” award.

Ed has been a thermodynamics research engineer, a Russian linguist, a bush pilot in the Philippines, VP of an oil field services company in Texas, and the director of an international development program in the Sudan. He holds a master’s degree in Whole Systems Design and a BS in Aerospace Engineering. He has been the president of Oregon’s chapter of the American Society of Training and Development, as well as a member of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, and the Software Association of Oregon.

When not consulting or teaching, Ed can be found soaring his glider above the mountains and valleys of the Pacific Northwest.